TWICE Mina Privacy Violated At The Airport And Why Fans Worried About Her Mental Health

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TWICE Mina had recently returned to South Korea in what became her first public appearance after JYP announced her hiatus from group activities due to health concerns.

On August 1st, she arrived in Seoul safely with her mother (not on official schedule) but found the press waiting for her at the airport. She was quickly covered with a blanket over her head to hide her from the press but they still managed to snap photos of her.

Fans noticed that she looked down and others thought they saw her crying while making her way through the airport.

Fans heavily criticized the press for waiting for Mina at the airport knowing well of her condition. The arrival was never officially listed in TWICE’s activities and fans didn’t understand how and why the press got there.

In response to the numerous articles written about her arrival to Seoul, JYP issued a statement to clarify that the arrival was not for any special schedule or event and that she is still resting.

As for plans of her return to group activities, JYP maintains their stance, Mina is still working on her health and will not be taking part of TWICE’s world tour.

JYP also promised fans to share updates if any changes are made to Mina’s schedule.

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