TWICE Mina Diagnosed With Anxiety Disorder, JYP Explains What Will Happen With Her Future Activities

JYP has revealed the exact diagnosis of TWICE Mina’s condition!

In July, JYP released a statement announcing that Mina will not be joining TWICE world tour due to ‘extreme anxiety and insecurity towards performing on stage.’ Back then, JYP explained that when they have more information, they shall explain to the fans.

On August 27, JYP shared an update to their blog, they explained that Mina was suffering from anxiety disorder; JYP explains they checked with various medical institutions to reach this diagnosis.

JPY adds that the main characteristics of the symptoms for this are continuous anxiety or intermittent anxiety that occurs unexpectedly and abruptly.

Thus, Mina’s participation in her group’s activities will be dependent on the discussions between Mina herself and the members, additionally; Mina’s participation will also be decided based on her heath.

JYP asked for fan’s understanding as her upcoming activities will be selective based on her health. They promised to take all measures to ensure Mina’s fully recovered.

JYP didn’t specifically touch on the possibility of Mina’s participation in her group’s upcoming comeback. Yesterday, JYP confirmed that TWICE was aiming for a comeback in late September with no mention of Mina’s participation.

Based on JYP’s official statement, fans seem to believe that Mina’s participation is still up in the air and it’ll be dependent on her health condition. Regardless, ONCE wish for Mina’s quick recovery and don’t mind waiting for her, many fans asked her to take her time and only join her group when she feels okay.

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