This TWICE Jihyo Photo With A Man In The Background Stirred So Much Controversy That JYP had to reply

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Its been a couple of hours since it was confirmed that TWICE Jihyo and Kang Daniel are officially a couple!

The shocking exclusive report was revealed by Dispatch, the released various photos of the couple on many dates and reported that they have been dating since 2019 began.

As you’d expect the Kpop community couldn’t stop talking about the new unlikely couple, many started revisiting old fancams to spot any interactions between Jihyo and Daniel.

One particular post that regained attention was a post to TWICE’s official Instagram account by Jihyo, in one of the photos, a man who resembles Daniel is seen in the photo taken of Jihyo.


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나요즘 너무 사진안찌겅…🙈 요즘 인스타 너무 뜸해서 열심히 털어본 사진첩🍎🍏

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This led to many speculating if Jihyo and Daniel had been teasing their relationship to SNS, it also led to misunderstandings, many believed the man to be Daniel himself. The topic soon trended everywhere and various articles began spreading speculating the identity of the man in the picture.

That was until JYP Entertainment stepped up to clarify the identity of the man in the photo, the agency revealed that the man in the photo is not Daniel but TWICE’s manager. Many fans also pointed that out; he’s a manager that is usually seen with the members and not Daniel. The manager usually wears that distinct hat as well.

ONCE have been showing their support for the new couple, Jihyo is the first TWICE member that confirms she’s in a relationship since the dating ban was lifted late 2018.

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What do you think of the couple?

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