This Popular Kpop Idol Heroically Helped Save The Life Of An 8 Year Old Child On An Airplane


Its been belatedly revealed that this popular Kpop idol helped save the life of an 8-year old girl during a crisis on a plane

On July 8, NU’EST boarded the plane returning to Korea following KCON 2019 NY. According to Asiana Airlines, an eight-year-old girl (hereinafter referred to as Choi) also boarded the plane with her mother. Unfortunately, one hour and a half into the ride, Choi got high fever and stomach pain and began having a seizure.

Choi was lucky because there was a doctor on board, but there was a problem, they couldn’t speak to each other because of their different nationalities, Choi’s mother couldn’t explain to the doctor because he didn’t speak Korean. As a result, Aron stepped into the scene and helped translate between the two, he was able to covey the mother’s words to the doctor.

The doctor then explained the patient had to be moved to a hospital as soon as possible, the airplane made an emergency landing at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. A source from the airline tells news outlets that Choi was able to get treatment on time to avoid a crisis.

The girl thanked the passengers and sent a sweet handwritten letter to the airline to thank them for helping her out.

Fans are praising Aron for his kind action and for helping out the mother and the small child pass what could’ve led to a huge crisis.

Source: (A)

Note: Photo above on the left is for demonstration purpose and has nothing to do with the actual incident


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