Earlier today, Dispatch reported that TWICE Jihyo and Kang Daniel were dating. Later, their agencies confirmed the two are meeting each other with mutual feelings in official statements.

In Dispatch’s exclusive report, they cite a senior idol as the link between the two, that idol had reportedly introduced them to each other. The idol is reported to know both idols well enough to introduce them to each other.

One Korean news outlet reported on the possible identity of the senior idol. SpoTV News reports that 2AM Seulong is that mysterious link.

2AM Seulong used to be a part of JYP, he debuted back in 2008 as part of the ballad group 2AM while Jihyo joined JYP back in 2005, the two spent about three years as trainees together.

According to various sources, Seulong is an idol that Kang Daniel follows and trust, this is expected to be how Seulong became the link between the hot new couple.

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Did you expect Seulong to be the link?


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