YG Entertainment has lost a talented trainee!

It was previously reported by various industry representatives that popular YG Entertainment trainees who competed on “YG Treasure Box” and “Produce X 101” were leaving the agency and signing contracts with other agencies.

Back then, YG released a simple response stating that everything is going according to plan and everything was operating just fine.

However, it seems that the industry representatives weren’t lying about what they reported to media outlets.

On August 29, industry representatives reported that Hidaka Mahiro has left YG and signed with a new label, OUI Entertainment.

In response to the reports, OUI Entertainment released a statement confirming the news,

“It is true that we signed an exclusive contract with Mahiro.”

Hidaka Mahiro previously gained recognition by competing on two survival shows, “YG Treasure Box” and “Produce X 101.”

OUI Entertainment is home to X1 member Kim Yo Han.

It is estimated to be the start of many other similar news of YG losing its popular trainees who were seen on survival shows. YG has been going through difficult times lately with its founder accused of various things. Yang Hyun Suk only recently went under questioning for the gambling allegations made against him; he was questioned for 23 hours.

Trainees have different contracts in comparison to idols who already debuted; they usually sign a contract once every year. With TREASURE 13 debut uncertain, existing trainees were left feeling lost, as various industry representatives previously reported.

What do you think of this? Are you happy to learn that Hidaka Mahiro had left?

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