Rudest Things People Have Said/Done To BTS Members

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BTS has recently celebrated their 6th debut anniversary. The boys went through many challenges to get to where they are today; they had to deal with rejection, racism, and many unpleasant encounters on their way to success.

They also have to deal with sasaeng fans intrusions and scary behaviors.

Below is a brief list of some of the rudest things BTS members had to deal with.

[NOTE: this is not a comprehensive list]

Jo Se Ho rude behavior towards Jungkook

If you’re a new or an old fan of BTS, you’re still probably aware of one of the most infamous scenes where BTS members were treated badly. Comedian Jo Se Ho was heavily criticized for his treatment of Jungkook during a variety show called “Flower Crew” back in 2016.

The heavy criticism came after fans saw the first episode of “Flower Crew.” Jungkook bought a bag full of hamburgers for the cast members of the show when he arrived to the filming location. He had bought them with his own money and was seen looking happy and excited ready to hand them out to his fellow crew members.

Jo Se Ho saw the burgers and said,

“I think these are leftovers.”

While the other crew members object to his sentence, Jungkook replied with, “No, they’re new!”

Jo Se Ho handed two of hamburger containers to Jungkook, saying “Forget it,” and walks away. Fans noticed that Jungkook looked visibly upset by Jo Se Ho’s rude inconsiderate action. Jungkook then said, “He didn’t take them….”

After the episode aired, ARMY were extremely upset and furious with Jo Se Ho’s treatment of Jungkook. Eventually, the cast apologized during an episode, Jo Se Ho explained,

“I am also sorry if I have made the audience feel uncomfortable. I may have acted differently since I was trying to get to know [Jungkook and Kim Min Suk].”

That apology didn’t land well with ARMY who thought he was being insincere and trying to play the situation as a joke. You can check out the actual clip of the incident below:

 ‘Fans’ Asking V To Leave BTS

Recently, some ‘fans’ of BTS demanded that V leaves BTS. It all happened because of some people who call themselves ARMY but the only stan 6 members of the group, they trended the hashtag #TaehyungleaveBTS.

A series of tweets by some became viral and gained lots of backlash and criticism, in the tweets those accounts demand V leave BTS because he is ‘talentless’ among other more ugly words used.

To counter that, ARMY trended #TaehyungYouArePerfect and #Taehyungweloveyou.

If you search the twitter hashtag #TaehyungleaveBTS you will mostly find tweets in defense of V, but there are still many other accounts out there that continue to demand he be kicked out of the group for a multitude of what they call ‘factual reasons.’

Fans expressed their frustration with the unreasonable hateful remarks towards V and gave plenty of reasons why BTS are only BTS if they’re seven members. Many others went on to list all the reasons BTS wouldn’t be who they are without V; they listed some of his accomplishments among other things.

Body shaming Suga

This happened about a week ago, BTS Suga was making headlines for his looks, fan taken photos and videos at a recent event became a hot issue, the idol gained a little weight.

On twitter, it began innocently and many fans were discussing just how cute he looked with the slight weight gain, he had chubby cheeks and looked very happy at the event sporting his beautiful gummy smile to fans.

However, on Nate (a Korean website) things took a bit of a different turn. One netizen posted a couple of photos of his slight weight gain but some comments were harsh and unacceptable to ARMY. The post was titled “Suga, who has gained weight recently.”

Here is the translation of some of the comments,

“Its that an idol?”

“A Little?”

“Diet stimulation.”


“I’m curious, but do you really think this is cute? I am seriously curious.”

On the same post, various K-ARMY good comments started to flow in overshadowing the bad comments.

International ARMY, on the other hand, took matters into their own hands, they came to his defense trending the hashtag #YoongiWeLoveYou, it quickly rose to the top of the worldwide trends on twitter.

The hashtag is filled with tweets talking about the talented BTS member, ARMY defended him from haters and rude nasty comments.

Fans calling RM and Jin ‘bad dancers’

In 2019, BTS sat down with iHeart for a special interview that lasted for 35 minutes on May 21st (local time), however, the experience, especially for international ARMY, was unpleasant to say the least.

During a portion of the interview, the interviewer asked the crowd,

“Which one of the guys is most likely to mess up the dance routines?”

When ARMY started shouting RM and Jin, Jin replied with,

“I am not wrong!”

ARMY found an issue with the way other ARMY who attended the interview reacted, the ARMY in the audience yelled out ‘Jin,’ and ‘RM.’ one particular person loudly yelled out Jin.

Jin can be seen looking rather uncomfortable. Other members tried to laugh it off but Jin looked visibly upset. Jungkook signed to the audience ‘No,’ while V signed ‘cut’ and said ‘nothing’ as in to tell the audience to politely stop yelling.

Shortly after the interview aired and the specific clip went viral, ARMY around the world trended #NamjinBestDancers in defense of RM and Jin dancing skills.

ARMY had different reactions to the disrespect by the audience who yelled out answers and were loud during the interview. Some criticized them while other focused on showcasing just how hard RM and Jin work on their choreographies.

What makes this a very rude situation was that this question could’ve been a moment were ARMY united and yelled out ‘they’re all good dancers’ to the interviewer instead of shouting the names Jin and RM who have been working extremely hard on their dancing and have significantly improved over the years.

Sasaeng Fan Trying To Kiss Suga

Sashaeng fans love their idols so much that they break their personal space. This sasaeng fan ran to Suga and even wanted to kiss him. Even though he has said many times how important his personal space is to him!!! 😤😤😤

— Yolo.yo (@yoloyo_Bangtan) January 25, 2019

If you’re a famous Kpop star be prepared to deal with people who are often referred to as ‘sasaengs.’ They are so-called fans who would go to extreme measures because they ‘love’ their idols.

Sasaengs usually stalk idols and take photos of them illegally; they also invade their privacy and go to the extreme to ensure they always remain in their sight.

A couple of years ago a video of a ‘fan’ trying to make advances towards Suga went viral. The fan was running towards him and tried to force a kiss on him. At first, Suga was shocked but then pushed her away before security escorted her outside, fans who witnessed the incidents were shouting ‘leave him alone,’ ‘go away’ and more.

Suga had repeatedly expressed just how important personal space is to him, ARMY were less than happy when they saw that video of the fan rudely trying to force a kiss on him. This is one of the more extreme BTS-sasaeng encounters on this list.

Reporter Inappropriate Question

좆같은 질문에 인상 찌푸리는 거랑 먹금하는 대답 너무 잘했다

— 스윗의의인화 (@sweetpersonify) April 17, 2019

Back in April 2019, BTS held a press conference for their comeback, during the press conference one rude reporter thought it would be a good idea to bring up the alleged ‘unproven’ plagiarism issue regarding ‘Blood Sweat and Tears.’

Previously, a French photographer called Bernard Faucon expressed his thought about the similarities of BTS work to his work; he claimed that Big Hit copied his work. Big Hit responded by saying that the alleged similarities he claims aren’t valid.

While the issue died down, one reporter thought that it was an appropriate time to ask about it. During the press conference he asked BTS about their thoughts about the controversy, Suga responded,

“Our company legal team is looking into it with the artist. Our opinions aren’t different from our company’s. You will know when the results are out.”

Its worthy to point out that The French photographer later issued a statement acknowledging BTS didn’t plagiarize his work.

ARMY were upset with the reporter rude attempt to faze BTS asking an uncomfortable question.

Racists remarks towards Suga

This is also an incident that happened recently. Not too long ago, BTS Suga attended LA Dodger’s game; he met with star pitcher Ryu Hyun Jin.

Suga happily shared a photo of his meeting with the star pitcher to BTS’s official Twitter account.

Another photo was also posted by ESPN, a popular American sports media outlet. Despite fans being initially happy that ESPN gave Suga a shout out, they became furious seeing some of the people’s comments on the photos which could only be described as racist sexist comments. Here are some of them,

“Who the fuck is this?”

“I don’t know her.”

“Never heard of her.”

“Just another Chinese kid.”

ARMY were extremely upset with these rude blatantly racist tweets, they defend their Suga posting many tweets introducing people to him and listing his accomplishments.

ARMY crossing the line

On BTS international fan community BTS Weverse fans found a comment by V that triggered a discussion of what can and should be said in a fan community.

BTS Weverse is a place where BTS and fans can interact, the members themselves can comment on individual posts by ARMY.

Recently, it appears that a couple of fans posted weird/unflattering photos of J-Hope which apparently annoyed V so much that he had to write about it. He wrote,

“Please protect ori Hyung (J-Hope). If any ARMY continues to upload unusual [weird] photos. I will stop replying to those posts.”

It appears that the members do keep a close look at the community despite their hectic schedule which triggers the discussion of what should be posted to the community and if fans need to be more careful with the way they interact with BTS.

Many voiced their opinions reminding other ARMY that BTS aren’t their ‘friends’ or someone they could joke around with like that, they asked the ARMYs to respect the members and not treat them rudely.

What do you guys personally think of these moments? Which ones did you find to be the rudest? Do you have any other stories to share about BTS being mistreated?

By Kevin Miller

My name is Kevin Miller and I am responsible for writing Kpop content on I have been a fan of Kpop since 2014 and I am a multi-stan


  1. No matter what the haters or other anti-fans badmouth about BTS .. we as armies will try our best to cover them up cause we know how hard BTS has worked,we know what they went through, we know mostly everything about them..BTS keep going and hope achieve even more.. cause we u deserve it.

  2. Those haters are just jealous of BTS because they know they will never ever be like them, not with attitude like that. No matter what, I will always love BTS

  3. We need to understand that the world is huge, full of people with different opinions, traditions and ways to see life. It’s ok to speak your mind, but you have to remember to be respectful to others. I try to teach my kids to always seen the best in people, to be tolerant eventhough they don’t agree with those ideas. People that like to say bad thing about BTS, should look around and see all the good this kids are doing, Instead of finding ways to make them look bad or discriminate against them. I know those comment hurt BTS feeling. I am sure there are not to many people in the world that don’t like them or don’t care for them. But we are millions of people that love them, support them, and be always huge fans. We “the fans” are the part of the world that matters. Thank you BTS for been such a great example, keep inspiring and don’t pay ttention to this comments. Love you!!!!

  4. Being there for bts had maid a massive difference. Us army should make more #weloveyoubts ‘s hashtaggs in order for bts to see that we love them for who they are. I love them soooo much and care about them. Seeing they have hate around them makes me sooo mad and upset. Please respect them, soo much they deserve it. They deserve the world and they got here by going through alot of bad and good things. But if the haters, reporters and so on whoever trying to shut bts down to stop its not needed in this world in order for the world to become a better place we have to learn to love ourselves and others around us. But some people can be selfish and jelouse in order for them to comment. So if an army read this please make a #weloveyoubts and show them we do love them and appreciate them being here. X

  5. I felt so bad for them. Those haters are crossing the line. I mean….whats the point?..your hurting others people feeling. BTS probably suffer from depression.And as an army… I want to support them….. Saranghae V. We love you ❤

  6. Good day! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate!
    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this post to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  7. This is so disgusting. Haters, What have they ever done to you?
    Jungkook was just trying to give yummy food to the hosts. Suga was just at a football game. Taehyung was being himself. Jin and RM have been practicing SO hard and I’m pretty sure they’re ten times better than the haters yet STILL, they get hate for the most ridiculous reasons…Can you believe that suga got hate JUST for being at a football game? OH COME ONNNNNNNNN. Anyway, we love you bangtan <3

  8. Ugh istg haters are trash…they never find any satisfaction out of anything else-

    ARMY, good job protecting the boys, but also please learn to respect ALL members…the last post by V gave me goosebumps, he rightfully must have been angry. 🙁

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