Professional Korean Actors Will Take On BTS Universe Upcoming Drama Project

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Big Hit entertainment made a couple of huge announcements during a Corporate Briefing; they addressed many subjects and revealed more details about where Big Hit is headed.

One of the biggest announcements was its upcoming girl group in collaboration with Source Entertainment, another huge announcement was its upcoming drama project.

Big Hit announced that they’re preparing a drama based on BTS’s universe; the huge project will be produced by a famous Korean production studio. That studio is called Chorokbaem Media

It is considered one of the biggest production companies in South Korea. If you’re a kdrama fan then you’re probably aware of their hit dramas such as “My Mister” and “Memories of the Alhambra.”

The drama will focus on the story of seven boys who meet for the first time in the BTS universe. It’s based on BTS members when they were younger, it was also revealed BTS won’t act in the drama; professional actors will be cast instead.

The exciting announcement has left ARMY wanting to know more details. Fans can’t wait to find out who gets to play these characters; everyone is already suggesting famous Korean actors who they’d like to play the roles of BTS members.

What do you think of the idea? Would you watch this drama?

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  1. That’s cool, I can’t wait to hear who plays them. It’s an interesting concept too since we are used to seeing them as themselves, imagine seeing someone else playing them with their names. >•<

    1. Uh….that’s actually what’s happening. BTS WONT be in the Kdramas. There will be other actors. “It’s based on BTS members”, so not them themselves. I’m actually interested about the release of this upcoming Kdrama.

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