Park Seo Joon’s appearance at a recent event is causing worry among fans.

A fan had met Park Seo Joon recently and uploaded a photo to her Instagram account. The photo has become popular among his fans. It is shocking and is causing concern among fans.

Park Seo Joon is currently promoting his recently released movie “The Divine Fury” and many fans know how athletic he is and how well he takes care of his body. Fans are used to seeing his fit body and broad shoulders and abs which explains why many are scared for his health seeing how much he slimmed down in the recent photo.

However, some fans seem to believe the photo is edited since it could be that the uploader used a slimming filter. Others point out that it’s not plausible because the fan is already skinny, and that he looks skinnier than he used to be.

Park Seo Joon has only been uploading far shots of his face to his Instagram lately so fans haven’t been able to pay close attention to his changing features.

We hope that he’s ok!

Here is the fan original post:

What do you think of the photo?