Kpop Japanese Idol Put In Awkward Position Over Rocky relationship Between South Korea And Japan At Debut Showcase 

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Things are rocky between South Korea and Japan right now, a trade war has started and the relations between both countries aren’t that good.

In the middle of all of it lie the Japanese idols currently working in the Kpop industry. When it began, some netizens demanded Japanese idols working in kpop groups return to their countries. Of course, that sentiment wasn’t shared by the majority of netizens and anyone who demanded that got attacked in the comments.

Juri Takahashi was a member of the famous Japanese idol group AKB48. She fulfilled a dream and a long-held challenge when she debuted as part of the new rookie girl group Rocket Punch.

The group held their debut showcase today (August 7) and Juri Takahashi commented on her debut, she referred to it as a challenge she had wanted to try, adding,

“Woollim Ent. had contacted me every day and I told them I wanted to debut in South Korea. My agency said they’d cheer me on my new challenge and I ended up coming here. I also had a lot of interest in the agency in the past, so I trusted them.”

Things didn’t go as planned during the showcase and one particular reporter mentioned the ongoing Korea-Japan boycott and trade war, the reporter asked her about her comments on the subject.

Needless to say, things became awkward. Thankfully, the host broke the ice and asked the reporter to only ask questions related to the debut since that question is a sensitive issue they can’t comment on.

As you’d expect, the majority of k-netizens didn’t like the rude question by that one reporter who made things awkward for everybody. Many criticized the reporter for having no sense and for asking a young girl about something that is very serious and a sensitive issue among Korea and Japan.

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