WINNER Kim Jin Woo is a huge fan of IU!

On August 23 episode of “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope,” The DJ asked Kim Jin Woo if there is anything he’d like to do before this year ends, he said,

“I want to shoot a movie.”

He was then asked who he’d choose to shoot a movie with, the WINNER member named IU without hesitation. He explained,

“I really like IU sunbaenim. I really like her songs too. I heard ‘Hotel Del Luna’ was good. This is why I am not watching it on purpose, so I can watch it all at once.”

He also spoke about why he envies Song Mino, turns out Song Mino is friendly with IU.

When asked to give a shout out, he said,

“I think you’re friends with Mino. I am so jealous. IU sunbaenim, I want to meet you too… for acting and personally as well. I want to meet you.”

Fans can’t stop talking about how Kim Jin Woo cutely talked about wanting to get to meet IU.

We certainly hope that he achieves his wish soon!



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