At last, actor Kim Jae Wook explains his process of choosing work and why he usually takes on second lead roles instead of a well-deserved first lead role.

Kim Jae Wook recently participated in a photoshoot for “Esquire” in Paris, France. During the interview portion of the photoshoot, Kim Jae Wook candidly opened up about his career.

Kim Jae Wook said that he was taking a break after the success of “Her Private Life” to recharge.

Whats interesting was his take on drama projects and the criteria he uses to determine what type of project to accept or deny, he said,

“I have received many offers for main characters and commercial works, but I wasn’t attracted to them. I decided I wasn’t an actor with enough talent or experience to take on the lead role. So I wanted to play smaller roles first.

There is a saying that we should take the chance when we get it, but… in a way, I might have been stupid for not taking it. I don’t like that saying ‘strike when the iron is hot,’ I like to strike at my own time.”

Kim Jae Wook has been active since 2002, but as he said, he rarely took on first leading roles and instead opted for second lead roles in interesting projects. His first ever leading role in a romance comedy was in 2019 with “Her Private Life.”

Its not an underestimate to label Kim Jae Wook one of the most talented underrated actors but it seems that he chose to remain underrated in exchange for choosing projects that appealed to him.

What do you think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

Thank God we know at last, I’ve been complaining about his lack of appearances on TV for years.

If you follow my blog you know just how much I like his acting, I think he’s very underrated and I never understood why he wasn’t offered first lead roles, he usually plays the 2nd lead opposite less talented actors and that’s the tea.

He appears to be a chill person, I like his mindset but I can’t help but think he wasted his talent striking at his own pace. This is still his life and he’s the only who gets to decide what to do with it, but as fan, I would’ve loved to see him challenge himself even more with interesting projects as the lead because I know he can do it.

You can call me greedy but I really believe he could’ve surpassed Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun to the title of the hallyu star if he had put his mind to it, but he didn’t. There are many cliché stereotypical kdrama scripts out there but there are also some amazing scripts as well, you just have to look harder to find them. I can sense that he doesn’t really care about titles as much as he cares about the character he’ll play regardless of its position.

I still find his performance in “The Guest” one of the best of 2018; his performance in “Voice” was hauntingly beautiful. I really hope he takes on an OCN drama for his next role, something relating to psychological thrillers or horror, although, I highly doubt he’d be repetitive.

I’ll always be a fan of this chill hot man and I can’t wait for his next project.