Kang Daniel Fans Turn Their Backs On Him Following Dating News? How K-Fans Are Reacting To The News

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It is well-known fact among the Kpop community that idol dating is something of a luxury, something that very few idols get to do without being bashed and it all boils down to the culture behind Kpop idols and the way they’re marketed towards fans in South Korea.

There is a sense of entitlement to the idol, fans who spend money on the idol feel entitled to ‘own’ him/her, which means that they should focus on working hard without dating or getting caught dating.

Rather than a pleasant event, dating in South Korea is often labeled as a ‘scandal.’ When the dating news of Kang Daniel and TWICe Jihyo was published, the internet went crazy. Many had not been anticipating the pairing of the two popular idols.

One person emerged out of the dating ‘scandal’ more hurt than the other and in this case, it was Kang Daniel. He took the hard blow of the dating news and Korean fans attribute that to a couple of things.

If you look up Korean articles covering Kang Daniel and Jihyo dating news you’d usually find more ‘angry’ reactions than ‘happy’ reactions, an indicator that readers of the articles are less than pleased with the news.

Kang Daniel used to be a part of one of the biggest temp boy groups Wanna One before debuting as a soloist a couple of weeks ago. His huge fanbase supported him through the darkest period of his career through his battle with his former agency LM Entertainment.

Fans held projects and supported him whatever way they could to help him thrive and emerge as a winner in the legal battle, which eventually happened.

Many K-fans state that Kang Daniel is ‘ungrateful’ and ‘too arrogant’ since he’s dating a member of the biggest Kpop girl group in South Korea during the legal battle and his solo debut, taking money from fans while dating.

On one of the most voted comments on a popular Naver article, a top-voted comment translates to,

“Kang Daniel really doesn’t seem to be good at self-control. How can we see you as a musician? It’s not long since you debuted and you’ve already had a series of scandals and gossip.”

On articles that cover the topic of his apology letter after the news, the top-voted comment reads, (sources 1, 2)

“’I don’t want to lose money so I gotta do this hahahaha.’”

“’I’ll keep meeting my girl, so you guys, my atm machine and wallet, keep buying and craving my content. I love you guys, too.’”

“That’s it. I don’t feel like you’re serious anymore…. it feels like you soothing fans is an act right now.”

“then why did you cut contact with Wanna One members?”

“and its only the second week of your debut.”

“tl;dr keep giving money.”

“what a liar”

“they already turned their backs.”

Many netizens seem to share this sentiment and feel disappointed with his actions and the fact that he is dating right now.

There are on the other hand K-fans who also support him and wish him the best. Many other top-voted comments on various articles covering the subject also promise to cheer him on and to always support him but they seem to be outweighed by the negative responses.

There seems to be this split sentiment, it is unknown how far will the dating news affect Kang Daniel and Jihyo but it seems that Kang Daniel is the one that took the biggest blow.

In his apology letter, he apologizes to fans for shocking them with the news and talked about how much they’ve been there for him. Many views this as an ‘act’ because he doesn’t want fans to turn their backs on him while others seem to be more understanding of the situation.

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  1. Just because you buy merch of the idol you love….does not mean by any shape or form that you own them….GTFOH with that shit!!! If they want to date leave them be….FFS, you obsessive fans is whats ruining it for everyone else!!! These idols dont owe you anything….especially apologies!!! They do more than enough to keep us happy…..so for once in your pathetic lives…..be happy for the them!!!!

  2. Well its not a scandal nor gossip its called facts.I thought fans will be the first one to understand but they are the first ones who turned their backs, what a shame that ALMOST all of them did that. Why cant they just let them be happy. Did their idols care when they are dating someone? So why would they care if their idols did the same. And also I really fell sorry for Kang Daniel for saying sorry in public even though he did nothing wrong at all. Fans are getting really tocic. They said that if you love someone you should let them be happy.

  3. It looks like he is going take another long break with less fanbase for Daniel.. But good news is he can date as often as he prefers and perhaps eve in public now daniel & jihyo forever… Money is not a problem, she can sort it out for him ..

  4. I’m sorry to say this but I think the knetizens have reached rock bottom so hard that they keep on harassing TWICE Jihyo and WANNAONE Daniel. That’s it, I’ve had it. I want to sue the bad knetizens for saying bad things about their relationship. KNETIZENS PLEASE THINK ABOUT FIRST THE THINGS YOU ARE GOING TO WRITING IR SAY BEFORE POSTING THEM SO THAT YOU WILL NOT HURT OUR POOR COUPLE!!!☹️

  5. So done with thesseee crazee k netizens … whats wrong with them being happy..as long as danny and jihyo are happy we are happy…seriously i don’t get it why are they turning their back on him..its too mean and logic less…..idols are human too we should make sure they are happy since they give us happiness too…being in a relationship isn’t a crime its a natural thing..its quite funny how they are reacting to it…whatever i hope there are many of us who are happy with ,them being happy…love you jiniel❤

  6. why are fans like this? yhey are simply ridiculous thinking that because you buy an idol’s merchandise you’re his owner. They’re not objects.

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