JYP Entertainment Finally Responds To Concerns About GOT7 Safety In Hong Kong


After a couple of days of trending hashtags, JYP has finally issued a response!

GOT7 fans feared for GOT7 and Jackson’s well-being after Jackson’s post on Weibo which caused a huge backlash from Hong Kong people. Jackson voiced his support for ‘One China’ policy that states Hong Kong is a part of China, something that Hong Kong people disagree with. (Full story here)

There are currently protests going on in Hong Kong against major recent law changes that will give China more power over Hong Kong.  Due to that, protests have been held regularly and in turn, police responded violently.

On August 16, JYP released an official statement announcing that GOT7’s tour “Keep Spinning” in Hong Kong has been postponed.

Here is their statement:

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

This an announcement regarding GOT7’s 2019 World Tour “Keep Spinning” in Hong Kong, which was scheduled for August 31 (Saturday) and September 1 (Sunday) of 2019, it will be postponed due to safety reasons.

We sincerely apologize to fans who have been looking forward to it.”

In their official statement they also announced all purchased tickets will be canceled and refunded and in the future, the ticket sale will go according to the updated schedule.

What do you think of their response?

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