JYP Confirms TWICE Is Coming Back VERY SOON


TWICE is coming back very soon!

On August 26, media outlets began reporting about TWICE’s highly anticipated comeback. One news outlet reported that TWICE is the final stages of preparing a comeback for late September.

Fans were over the moon finding out about TWICE’s comeback. Previously, in early August JYP confirmed TWICE was indeed preparing a comeback but there was no set date.

After the new media reports, JYP told TYN that TWICE was preparing for their album with a goal of a comeback in late September. However, the exact timing will be announced when its confirmed.

JYP hasn’t commented on the possibility of Mina’s participation in the upcoming comeback. She has been on hiatus due to health issues.

Are you happy about the comeback announcement ONCE?

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  1. I feel happy and sad at the same time cuz i dont want them to have a comeback without mina and i dont want mina to be forced to be back if shes not ready. i just hope we can wait untill mina recovers for twice to have a come back


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