Jung Hae In Opens Up About An Incident When He Almost Lost His Life

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Beloved actor Jung Hae In recently sat down for a V Live broadcast to talk about his upcoming movie “Tune In for Love,” he also talked about a lot of things including one thing that stood out and made headlines.

The MC asked him about a miraculous moment he’s been through and he started talking about the time he almost lost his life.

He explained that he was on his way to Seoul on a rainy day, his car suddenly broke down and he had to stop on the highway. He added,

“The steering wheel was stuck. I started the car again and I turned to park the car on the side of the road. It was for a split second but as I was heading to the side line, I could see two large cars coming at me from my rearview mirror.

I flashed the beams and I thought I was going to die then.”

It was also when he was serving the military, he said that he returned to his base and thought about the incident, he says that he thought his grandpa helped him out that say, he also added that his parents cried when they found out about the story.

The MC then asked about his grandpa, his eyes became tearful and he said that his grandpa always wished to see him on TV but he wasn’t able to,

“I am working hard, so please watch over me.”

Fans are touched by the story and happy to hear that Jung Hae In avoided a catastrophe that day.

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