“Hotel Del Luna” Sees A Drop From Its Highest Rating Last Week, Will It Continue To Fluctuate?

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tvN “Hotel Del Luna” rating for this week Saturday is here and its lower than last week!

Last week Sunday episode, “Hotel Del Luna” made headlines for its rating; it was its best – so far.

August 4 episode, “Hotel Del Luna” rated an average of 9.1% nationwide, marking the first time it reached the 9% mark and its best so far.

August 10 episode aired last night, the drama is back to the 8% range. According to Nielsen Korea, “Hotel Del Luna” rated an average 8.3% nationwide and an average of 10.3% in Seoul area.

This is still considered great since “Hotel Del Luna” airs on a cable channel and getting the 8% or 9% is very difficult for public channel dramas. It’s not an underestimate to say that “Hotel Del Luna” is doing exceptionally well and have exceeded expectations.

Usually, “Hotel Del Luna” rating for its Saturday episode is lower than its Sunday episode. Fans can’t wait to see how it will perform tonight.

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have you been keeping up with “Hotel Del Luna”?

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