French Montana Criticized For Being Unprepared And Unprofessional during Performance With MONSTA X

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Guess who’s being criticized by Kpop fans today? None other than the popular rapper French Montana.

MONSTA X had a performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” they performed a variety of tracks and one of them was their English collaboration track with French Montana.

During the performance, the boys put out their best singing in a language they still can’t fully speak, yet. However, French Montana showed up on stage and almost ruined the show because he forgot the lyrics to the song and awkwardly danced when his part wrapped up.

During his segment he’d sing a line and then mumbles another other, it was an embarrassing sight for all fans who attended the event and for those who watched it at home as well.

MONSTA X clearly noticed it but played it cool and continued on with the performance giving it a nice end.

This is why MONSTA X fans were pissed with him for almost ruining the performance. His unprofessional behavior really rubbed fans the wrong way. Others also believe he was being disrespectful towards MONSTA X who practiced hard for the song and put out an amazing performance.

Here are some of their tweets:

Check out the performance below:

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What do you think of it?

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  1. I wonder what Frenvh Montana does on his tour? Not to be salty but more people are gonna hate more of us Kpop fans because they’ll think that we are “overacting”.

    1. That’s a very racist statement. Not all people are like that. Please be more open minded. Most of your “oppas” listen to those “crap black rappers” you hate so much.

    2. WOW! No need to get racial about it!!!!! He should of been “booed” of the stage, but being an entitled unprofessional a$$#ole don’t have anything to do with his skin colour…. Don’t use this issue to spread your rascist views.

    3. Somebody’s salty, and that is very racist of you, not all rappers are crap just like we would say not all kpop artist are crap, so go sit your ass somewhere else.

  2. i cant believe it monsta x put so much hatd work into their performance and french fries screwed it up i hate him for that and thats that the only reason he even gave out a racist tweet on twitter to his hater a racist tweet even though hes dating iggy ….as a new monbebe in the fandom i officially hate him and i only trust Steve Aoki with collabs with k-pop groups from now on

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