Fans Surprised By BTS J-Hope Sudden Unannounced Trip To America


BTS have been enjoying their time off with their first official extended vacation since their debut. Big Hit had previously announced that through an official statement, you can read it here.

Since the announcement, BTS members have been enjoying their time and updating fans with selfies every once and a while.

On August 19, J-hope was captured by cameras departing from Seoul to America, it’s been reported that he’s leaving for LA specifically, although that wasn’t confirmed by Big Hit. Since this is not an official announced schedule fans were puzzled at first, they’re unaware if J-Hope has left for work business or for leisure purposes.

What’s surprising was how people found out about his departure and came to the airport to photograph him. The photographs are from various Korean news outlets which begs the question, ‘was this a planned official schedule?’

Regardless of the trip purpose, ARMY have a special message to American ARMY, they asked of them to respect J-Hope and if they saw him in public to respect his privacy.

Fans have also noticed that his hair color has changed, check out some of these photos below:


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