Fans furious With YG Entertainment Decision To Exclude iKON From A Summer Project Involving Its Artists

YG Entertainment continues to do things that infuriate iKON fans, this time, it’s a project that involves all of its artists.

iKON has been making headlines ever since the controversial departure of their leader B.I over suspicions of drug use (that were never proven). At first, fans started demanding B.I be put back to the group, now they’re demanding the whole group leaves YG.

On August 15, YG posted about a new summer project that features its artists, there is only one group that’s currently promoting as part of YG but hasn’t been included, iKON.

The artists that were featured in the project are: Lee Hi, BLACKPINK, WINNER, Sechskies, and Akdong Musician.

Fans reactions ranged from disappointment to fury to not-caring about this particular project. Some fans called out what they think are awful designs, others expressed their disappointment, while others are furious YG is, again, not treading iKON the way they think they should be treated.

If you take a look at the Instagram posts of the projects, you’ll find many iKONICs comments such as,

The project:

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