EXID Official Account Shares A Video Of BTS Jungkook, Fans Confused


EXID’s official twitter account generated buzz for sharing a V Live video of BTS Jungkook, confusing fans in the process.

The link was unexpectedly posted; it was an edited clip of Jungkook’s live stream that took place back in June. The post remained on the account for about 30 minutes before it was taken down, fans have been tweeting the managers of the account asking them to take down the post.

Later in the day, EXID admins posted an apology,

“Hello, this is the operator of EXID’s twitter account from Banana Culture. We’re currently looking into the incident of the link that was shared today by this account via Vlive and twitter.

We apologize for causing concern.”

EXID fans were confused and some of them were upset, fans have been waiting for an update from EXID for a long time and to open the notification to find a BTS video was discouraging to say the least.

It is unknown whether the account was hacked or whether it was just posted intentionally or by accident.

What do you think of this?


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