Did Mina Film The MV For TWICE Next Comeback Despite Her Anxiety Disorder?


A couple of days ago, JYP announced that Mina was diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

The agency announced that Mina’s future activities will be highly dependent on Mina and the rest of TWICE members’ decision and discussions.

TWICE were also confirmed to be coming back in late September, however, JYP didn’t confirm whether Mina will be participating in her group’s activities or not.

On August 29, music sources reported that Mina did participate in the filming of their comeback MV. Music sources claimed that Mina decided to participate after long discussions with JYP. The members reportedly gave her strength and took special care of her as she hasn’t fully recovered from her health issues.

In response to those reports, JYP stated,

“We’re unable to confirm such a report at this time. We will release an official statement at the right time.”

What do you guys think of this? would you like to see Mina in her group’s comeback MV?

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2 thoughts on “Did Mina Film The MV For TWICE Next Comeback Despite Her Anxiety Disorder?”

  1. Of course everyone wants her and the Whole 9 together. Got the same anxiety disorder (among other things), can screw you up pretty bad. Just hope she’s safe and goes one day at a time..


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