CNBLUE Jonghyun Exposed For Trying To Make Advances Towards A YouTuber, Netizens Disgusted

CNBLUE Jonghyun has apparently returned to instagram, DMs that is!

It hasn’t been long since kakaotalk conversations showed him discussing women in a sexual degrading manner; his agency released a statement since then admitting that he watched illegally taken footage of women in Jung Joon Young’s chat rooms.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: [BREAKING] Lee Jonghyun Announces Departure From CNBLUE

Back then FNC stated that he’ll take time to ‘reflect on his wrongdoings.’ Since his agency didn’t announce his retirement nor that he left his group or agency, netizens were less than pleased with the manner FNC handled this entire issue.

He’s currently a trending topic for a very good reason. On August 28, a Youtuber called Park Min Jung shared a screenshot to her instagram story; it was of a direct message sent by Lee Jong Hyun’s official account.

In her story, she captioned,

“Huh, is this really CNBLUE?”

He sent her a couple of messages, here is the translation:

“I really enjoy watching your YouTube videos. Please continue to upload fun videos.

Your belly fat is so cute.”

Needless to say, netizens were less than impressed reading the messages, many pointing out just how creepy it is that he wrote ‘Your belly fat is so cute.’

Netizens called his messages ‘inappropriate,’ others commented things like,


“People don’t easily change.”

“This gives me goosebumps.”

“ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋwhat a great man..”

“He really can’t help himself.”

UPDATE: CNBLUE Jonghyun Deletes Instagram Account After Receiving Huge Backlash For Allegedly DMing A YouTuber?

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