While things are escalating in Hong Kong, Kpop idols who work in China are voicing their support of the Chinese government, various famous Kpop idols posted to their weibo and other social media accounts messages of support to ‘One China’ policy which states Hong Kong and Taiwan are a part of China, not separate entities (I highly recommend you look it up).

Here are some of the famous Kpop idols who posted to their weibo: GOT7’s Jackon, f(x)’s Victoria, Lai Kuan Lin, Kyulkyung, Seventeen’s The8 and Jun, (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi.

Patriotically speaking, attention is on both GOT7 Jackon and former Wanna One member Lai Kuan Lin. Jackson is a Hong Kong native and has always talked about that on various variety shows, his public statement shocked fans because he’s siding with China rather than Hong Kong amid the difficult times Hong Kong protestors are going through.

Lai Kuan Lin is from Taiwan, some fans were also shocked to see him support the ‘One China” policy.

What do you think of this? Do you think  Kpop idols should get involve d in politics? do you agree with ‘One China” policy?

Here is the photo of their messages: