BTS Suga has been making headlines for the past two days for his looks, fan taken photos and videos at a recent event became a hot issue, the idol gained a little weight.

On twitter, it began innocently and many fans were discussing just how cute he looked with the slight weight gain, he had chubby cheeks and looks very happy at the event sporting his beautiful gummy smile to fans.

However, on Nate (a Korean website) things took a bit of a different turn. One netizen posted a couple of photos of his slight weight gain but some comments were harsh and unacceptable to ARMY. The post was titled “Suga, who has gained weight recently.”

Here is the translation of some of the comments,

“Its that an idol?”

“A Little?”

“Diet stimulation.”


“I’m curious, but do you really think this is cute? I am seriously curious.”

On the same post, various K-ARMY good comments started to flow in overshadowing the bad comments.

International ARMY, on the other hand, took matters to a new level, they came to his defense trending the hashtag #YoongiWeLoveYou, it quickly rose to the top of the worldwide trends on twitter.

The hashtag is filled with tweets talking about the talented BTS member, ARMY defended him from haters and nasty comments, here are some of the best tweets:

What do you think of this?