BTS Jungkook Causes A Frenzy After Uploading THIS To Twitter To Celebrate His Birthday With Fans

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BTS Jungkook just got ARMY going crazy after teasing something very special, something that could come soon!

On September 1 at approximately 01:00 am. KST, Jungkook posted to twitter to thank fans for celebrating his birthday with him. He turned 22 (in international reckoning) or 23 in Korean reckoning.

Fans have been celebrating his birthday since the late hours of August 31st. Fans trended more than 6 hashtags and they all took over the top worldwide trends on twitter. While fans celebrated the maknae of BTS birthday hiis hyungs also posted to twitter to celebrate his birthday.

Jungkook posted a selfie to twitter and thanked fans ‘for making happy,’ and followed that with a video of him singing a song entirely in English. The video is 1 minute long and the song is making fans melt, the caption was what sent fans into frenzy, he captioned,

“As for this… please look forward to it, hehe.”

This is making fans wonder whats in store for them and if Jungkook plans on releasing the full song some time soon.

Check out the beautiful song below:

What did you think of it?

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