One of the most popular first-generation Kpop idol life was cut short, many new Kpop fans aren’t aware of the tragic story.

Back in 1995, DEUX member Kim Sung Jae was found dead in his hotel room, he was 23 years old. At first, it was ruled a heart attack but later with further examination, it was found that there were twenty-eight needle marks on his arm and a drug overdose was added to the supposed list of cause of death.

The Toxicology report also found traces of animal anesthesia, many weird things added to the conclusion that it was suspected murder. His girlfriend was the prime suspect. He had reportedly ended his relationship with her a week before his death.

His girlfriend was later arrested for the alleged murder and was sentenced to life in prison, but was later acquitted due to the lack of evidence. However, many believe the case to be an unsolved mystery. The girlfriend had admitted to purchasing the anesthesia but claimed it was thrown away later.

The case was ignited 24 years later; the brother of the popular idol talked to KBS Entertainment Weekly about the death of his brother and said he wants the mystery to be solved.

What’s strange was that a popular program called “Unanswered Questions” had wanted to look into the mystery and filmed an episode about it, but a court order prevented it from airing.

Kim Sung Wook (Kim Sung Jae’s brother) said,

“I don’t understand the court decision. We don’t want to punish anyone but to know the truth about what happened that day.

The biggest reason [for wanting that] is because my mom wants to know the truth, it’s her only wish.”

He also said that he’ll continue investigating his brother’s death in hopes of finding out what really happened. Netizens sympathize and encourage police to re-open the case.

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