Dispatch has released photos of a new couple and nearly broke the internet!

On August 5, Dispatch reported that TWICE Jihyo And Kang Daniel were dating, they released photos of the couple on various dates. They reported the couple had been dating since early 2019. They would meet in Daniel’s home or their cars or stay within the neighborhood of UN Village.

A source told Dispatch, a person close to the couple introduced them to each other. Dispatch also added that the couple would try to meet as regularly as they could, they would meet once a week. Dispatch also added that TWICE members knew of the couple and it was ‘official’ between the members.

Shortly after the release of the report, JYP and KONNECT Entertainment both confirmed the two are currently dating. The statements were short and didn’t comment on much else.

What do you think of this?

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  1. Jihyo sure is a hardworker even in love, i can’t imagine how she manages to met daniels once a week with super busy schedule. I hope daniels treat her well as much as she put the effort to meet him. She really must love him.


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