Blinks Trend #StayStrongRosé And Why They’re Furious With YG Treatment Of Rosé

BLINKs aren’t happy with the way YG has been treating Rosé!

2019 is slowly coming to an end; we’re almost done with August and onto September.

While this year has been very eventful for many rising Kpop acts the same can’t be said about YG’s biggest group BLACKPINK, the group members have been relatively inactive throughout this year (except when they promoted for their comeback or tour), the girls haven’t promoted as much as their fan would love to.

While BLINKs continue to discuss what they believe to be the mistreatment of Rosé, something happened that triggered the fandom enough to trend #StayStrongRosé worldwide on twitter expressing their worries about her and why they’re extremely upset and furious with YG.

On August 30 KST in the early hours of the morning, fans noticed Rosé liking a post that talks about accepting that everything happens for a reason, fans believe that this is how Rosé feels right now, here is the screenshot:

One BLINK then listed all the solo activities Rosé has done since 2019, in comparison to the other members she has been the least active in 2019 and hasn’t done anything apart from her group’s activities. That post gained a like from Rosé’s father himself showing that he is also aware of what fans think and seems to agree with them as well.

A couple of hours ago, BLACKPINK Rosé’s sister also liked an instagram post with the hashtag #StayStrongRosé. It seems to be that the entire family is aware of the fandom issue with YG at the moment.

YG has been notorious for not giving the girls enough activities that could further advance their careers despite their popularity domestically and overseas. It is quite sad that Rosé has had no solo activities in 2019 so far. YG had previously promised a solo release by all BLACKPINK members, Jennie was up first and Yang Hyun Suk said that BLACKPINK Rosé would follow. That hasn’t happened so far.

Things have been hectic in YG for a while now; everything seems to be in chaos due to scandals that its founder is involved in. They had recently selected a new CEO, despite that; the agency has been quiet ever since.

Fans believe Rosé is being mistreated, check out some of their tweets below:

What do you think of this issue?

My Personal Thoughts

Some of you might think this is exaggerated but for the first time in a long time I actually agree with what BLINKs are doing.

For somebody who is not aware of how bad things are, they’ll probably think the fandom is going crazy but it’s reaching a boiling point for both fans and Rose and I think it’ll only get worse if the agency refuses to address this issue.

It’s not the biggest deal to like a sad post on instagram but her father and her sister liking posts in support of their Rosé tells me they’re aware of this. Now you know that they sign NDAs and are not allowed to legally discuss their agency publicly… so…

I also just found out she comes from a family of lawyers…. interesting…. I like this!

Personally speaking, I feel that the way the agency treats the girls is unfair, its almost as if they want them to always be in need of them. The girls are popular but they could be at least 100 times more popular if they had actually promoted properly. Imagine all the possibilities, they’re endless.

No one wants to be locked away and get labeled ‘exclusive’ or ‘difficult to book/get/interview’. That turns people off, the way YG has been handling them should be done for an artist who has been around for ages, the way they make the girls very difficult to reach will only harm them, it’s difficult not to believe this is intentional.

I wish the girls the best. I highly doubt this would ever get addressed but I could also be wrong, in fact, I hope I am wrong about my hypothesis this time. Only time will tell.


4 thoughts on “Blinks Trend #StayStrongRosé And Why They’re Furious With YG Treatment Of Rosé”

  1. I really think YG is treating Rosè like she doesn’t exist. YG should wake up!! Rosè is beautiful and talented just like the other members!!! EVERYBODY SHOULDN’T BE BIASED!! #STAYSTRONGROSE #JUSTICEFORJISOO #WAKEUPYG

    • Rose should just go to Hollywood. She knows English and has a great voice. Her talent will greatly be appreciated there trust me. She could make it big like Ariana grande. Just forget this blackpink n all it’s shit. Rose you deserve better.

  2. Thank you so much for this article…..actually the yg company is doing shitty things to rosé as she is talented and good musician but ignoring her talent and wasting her time being in company really bad …ass ***


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