Big Hit Prioritize TXT’s Health, Delays Comeback Due To Soobin And Yeonjun Health Issues


Big Hit has released a new announcement!

On August 8, Big Hit released two statements, one in Korean and its translation in English through its social media profiles. They announced that Soobin was recently diagnosed with infectious conjunctivitis and the doctor recommended he rests well due to various reasons.

“SOOBIN wes recently diagnosed with infectious conjunctivitis and received treatment Medical staff has advised that due to the highly contagious nature of the condition, he must refrain from taking part in public activities and will require a sufficient period of rest. Following the medical advice, SOOBIN is currently focusing on resting and recovering.”

Yeonjun isn’t doing too well either, previously, Big Hit revealed that he was recovering from back pain.

As a result of two members’ health issues, Big Hit has also announced that TXT won’t be performing at the Lotte Duty-Free Family Concert and their first comeback will be delayed.

“In addition, the release of the new TOMORROW X TOGETHER album. originally Planned for late August, wi be rescheduled for late September to accommodate & period of rest and recovery for the artists as well as the upcoming Chuseok holidays.”

How do you feel about this?



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