Why T.O.P’s First Message To Instagram Is Breaking Fans’ Hearts


BIGBANG T.O.P was discharged on June 6 and for the first time since his military discharge; he posted to his Instagram account.

Fans had pulled a prank on the press to divert them from the real place he was meeting fans. The press thought he would exit through the front door of the museum he was working in but he ended up going through the back door instead.

He ended up greeting fans in a different location. The press was kept in the dark and couldn’t photograph him.

This also marks the first time T.O.P greeted fans since his marijuana controversy. On July 7, he took to Instagram to express his gratitude to fans writing a full caption in English, he said,

“Even though I am not proud of myself, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the fans who made time and efforts to share this moment with me. I will make sure to reflect on myself and repay the hurts and disappointments I caused to you. Again, thank you. Until I see you again. Love, T.O.P.”

He attached his post with multiple photos of his mini fan greet.

Check it out down below:



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