2PM Taecyeon is not backing down and will not stand for sasaengs or stalkers who continue to invade his privacy.

On July 9, 2PM Taecyeon opened his own Instagram account; he never had any official account up until now. He shared a sweet photo of himself on a trip to the island of Udo, he captioned,

“Welcome to my Instagram!”


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Welcome to my instagram!

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Fans took a look at the bio and finally found out why he finally decided to create an Instagram account, here is a screenshot of what he wrote,

He explains that in order to prevent a stalker from making accounts using his email, he made a real account.

2PM Taecyeon is not a stranger to online bullies and stalkers who continue to try and harm him and his members. He recently made headlines for speaking up against those stalkers who knew of his email address of messenger account harassing him and his members. The stalker/s used profanity and sarcastic laughing emojis as if they’re taunting not only him but his members as well.

He exposed them and their emails to his following via his Twitter account. He asked for his fans help in identifying the stalker/s.

2PM Taecyeon was only recently discharged from the military. In July he moved to a new agency called 51K but plans on continuing as a part of 2PM.

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