Why Ikonics Trended The Hashtag #iKONLEAVEYG


It seems that fans dissatisfaction with YG Entertainment is escalating, fans have trended the hashtag #iKONLEAVEYG on July 28 whilst iKON’s second day of their Japan tour.

The boys have kicked started the first night of their Japan tour on July 27. Multiple hashtags trended yesterday to celebrate the boys and to send messages of encouragement to the members who seemed pretty upset and teared up multiple times during the concert.

Yesterday’s concert marks their first official schedule as six members after B.I’s sudden departure from the group and his agency.

Things took a turn on July 28. Fans began trending #iKONLEAVEYG, it trended worldwide and peaked at number 6. Fans expressed their fury with the label for their treatment of the members and B.I.


Fans have noticed through fancams shared all over twitter and other social media that B.I’s parts in songs were almost completely edited out; members sang or rapped his parts in the songs. Added to that, members seemed pretty upset and chocked while singing songs. Bobby seemed to be particularly upset and rapped angrily; they noticed he seemed to be agitated and angry.

Fans also claim the member had a ‘script’ to follow during the concert. The boys stuck to the ‘script,’ and at one point Bobby looked straight at a screen from the stage to read what he had to say out loud making it seem pretty clear he’s reading and following ‘instructions.’

On the second day of the concert, fans tweeted about how Bobby tore their new merch.

Some fans even demanded the entire tour be canceled after watching many clips of the concerts so far. They believe they’re not okay and need time to heal and recharge. They feel that YG continuing with the concerts is a torture to the boys.

Due to the way the concert was carried out and how the members had to stay silent and didn’t address B.I’s departure many began trending #iKONLEAVEYG, they want the members to leave altogether and be joined by B.I in another agency.

Here are some of their tweets:

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3 thoughts on “Why Ikonics Trended The Hashtag #iKONLEAVEYG”

  1. Honestly, im not even an ikonic but after seeing all these pics of how unstable and unsettled the band is after the B.I scandal, i feel like ikon deserve a break, from the media and their work.

  2. It’s sad, but what people have to realize is that there is much red tape around their (the group, iKON) existence. YG would have to be very generous to not only let them go, but with their songs, money and even name intact. It will really put them through the ringer, unfortunately, and I pray that they are not being reprimanded for any of their actions on tour. YG is in enough trouble and need to learn they can’t strong arm their way through everything.


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