Why GOT7 Jackson Apologized To Fans For Leaving GOT7 Concert Early

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GOT7 Jackson is sick!

On July 13, GOT7 held a concert in Mexico City. Fans noticed that Jackson wasn’t feeling too well. They also noticed that he was having a hard time performing one of the tracks towards the end of the concert. At one point, he even stopped dancing and stepped away to sit down and take a brief break.

Fans could easily notice that his face didn’t look too well but no one was aware that he was sick since JYP made no such announcement prior to the concert.

Jackson ended up leaving the show early; he couldn’t stay for the encore. Fellow GOT7 member Yugyeom assured fans he was doing well.

Check out the videos:

After seeing videos and photos of the concert, iGOT7s trended the hashtag #GetWellSoonJackson. Jackson later uploaded a post to his story letting fans know what happened.

He revealed that he had food poisoning, he wrote,

“Mexico. It was an Awesome night. Sooooo energetic & passionate. I truly do love you all very much. It’s a shame that I couldn’t make it to the very end. Sorry about it.

Got a little food poisoning this few days [sic]. Took the medicine and I will be fine. Don’t worry. Can’t wait until the next time seeing you all. Love.”

Not only that, but he also posted a similar message to his Twitter following,

“It was a memorable experience in Mexico. Got a little food poisoning, all good, took the medicine. Sorry about not hanging til the very end, love you all.”

Fans praised Jackson’s professionalism and choice to perform at the concert despite his food poisoning.

Get well soon Jackson, take care of yourself?

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