After less than a day of JYP announcing that TWICE Mina will not be participating in her group’s world tour, they returned with a second statement promising strict legal action against k-netizens who defame their artists.

But why did this happen?

After the initial announcement of TWICE Mina’s sudden severe anxiety and stage fright, some k-netizens were harsh in the comment section. Some criticized her abilities and stage presence; others theorized she will soon leave her group, some asked her to go back to Japan.

South Korea and Japan Current relationship is not ok, there is what’s being called ‘cold war’ in terms of economics, politics, and diplomacy. The Japanese government adjusted the export of semiconductor in retaliation for a verdict from the Supreme Court of South Korea in regards to the event when Koreans were drafted to the military in the past.

It is also expected to affect other areas potentially Kpop as well. This is why Koreans aren’t particularly happy and are in return boycotting Japanese goods. Many are asking Japanese idols to go back to their own country.

The harsh k-netizens comments didn’t sit well with JYP, they returned with a statement that addresses the malicious posts and comments about Mina, her heath and the other members as well.

They promised strict legal action against everyone who posts defamatory comments that can severely damage the artists’ reputations and characters. Announcing they’re taking the full legal route to punish those who write and share such content.

ONCE are happy to hear the news and continue to pray for Mina’s quick recovery.

What do you think of JYP’s response?