This Former SM Ent. Director Will Create Big Hit First Girl Group Since GLAM Controversy

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Looks like Big Hit Entertainment is finally ready to put the failure of GLAM behind them and debut a new girl group.

It’s been recently revealed that Big hit recruited former SM Entertainment board member as their new chief brand officer (CBO).

Min Hee Jin used to be a part of SM Entertainment and served as the creative director. She was the woman behind Girls’ Generation, f(x), Red Velvet, and SHINee’s concepts. She was also the woman who planned EXO universe.

She had left SM Entertainment last year and received many offers from various agencies before choosing to work for Big Hit Entertainment. She will join the agency and lead their brand identity. What’s more interesting is that she’ll be responsible for leading the launch of their new girl group.

The last girl group managed by Big Hit Entertainment was GLAM (co-managed by another agency as well); the group disbanded due to the huge controversy surrounding a member who blackmailed famous Korean actor Lee Byung Hyun. She was charged for her crimes and served time in prison.

Ever since the group’s disbandment in 2015, Big Hit Entertainment only recruited male idols. They currently have two groups under their belt and one male soloist.

The upcoming girl group will be managed under a sub-label of Big Hit.

Anticipation is at an all-time high, fans of BTS and TXT are excited to welcome the new addition to Big Hit family and are excited about the future.

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  1. I would like to become one of the new kpop Idolfor this article. If i was choose for it I would really thankful because that been my dream since I was 11 year old and also work hard and never give up.

  2. I actually can’t think about it,I wish it was not a failure again,and of course don’t be so close to BTS, you know their fans are really crazy right!!!

  3. I’ve been wishing that Big Hit would make a girl group… AND HERE IT IS !!!!! I can’t wait to see it. I already wish the girls all the best !

  4. what!!!!???? when would they release that audition???!!! so exciting!!!! this is was i wanna dream before since i was 13!!! i just want to become just like what bangtan soyeondan did… they’re song was very positive and motivation.. i hope my dream come true if they make an global audition… i would like to join it… i hope that they like my dance and singing skill… i just want to become and idol… I don’t like to study hard at school and get a good result… it’s not my type… just what bangtan have been before… please… inform us when they have an audition!!!!????… arhhh!!!! gonna join it!!!!!

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