Song Joong Ki’s Father Reportedly Put The Blame On Himself And His Son For The Divorce

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Various Korean media outlets are reporting on what is presumed to be Song Joong Ki’s Father first public message since his son filed for divorce from Song Hye Kyo.

His father is reported to have sent a text message to his acquaintances regarding the divorce.

One news outlet reported that on July 5 that Song Yong Gak (Song Joong Ki’s Father) sent a text message that reads,

“I apologize for bringing such bad news all of a sudden.

I believe everything stems from me and Joong Ki being lacking, and we will conclude everything in good faith.

Please watch over us and send us your encouraging words. I hope you have a healthy happy day.”

News outlet Bridge News reported that they’ve spoken with Song Yong Gak on July 6 and he explained that he was absent and unreachable since the divorce due to medical reasons. He had undergone cataract surgery.

He explained his whereabouts since various news outlets reported that he was unreachable and many speculated that was because of the shocking divorce announcement. He was also reportedly unaware and found out through the news.

However, Bridge News reports that it is untrue and that Song Yong Gak was already aware. His friend who had gone out drinking with him the night before the announcement reported that he drank more than usual and looked upset which caused concern.

The text message raised eyebrows as fans continue to speculate on the real reason that led to divorce. The two wed in October of 2017.

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  1. Im crazy with these two korean celebrities, but its their a super fan of dots way back…stay healty hye kyo ang jong ki…

  2. Love is something which cannot be end in any situation.If they are willingly taking divorce then no doubt it was just a kind of attraction between them which they pretended to be love.They actually need each other not love each other.Marriage is not a fun .It is something related with emotions of two persons.

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