Song Joong Ki Reported To Have Filed For Divorce From Song Hye Kyo Without Telling His Father


New reports claim that Song Joong Ki’s father learned of his son’s divorce through the media like everybody else!

The new report released on June 3rd claimed that the father wasn’t aware of the divorce until it made its way to the public. He’s also allegedly in huge shock so much so that he has shut himself from everybody, he hasn’t left his house since the announcement.

The person who came out with this report is a friend of Song Joong Ki’s father. He told news outlets that the father happy just the night before the news came out, however, ever since the news come out, he refused to get in contact with anyone. He refuses to pick up his phone.

It’s a widely known fact that Song Joong Ki’s father was a huge supporter of the couple relationship even promoting their various works to his friends.

As previously reported, the divorce proceeding will start sometime this month.

What do you think of this?

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  1. I wonder what is the real reason of ssc divorce. It maybe not just personality differences. It must be bigger and deeper than that. And personality differences is just the reason they give in public because they cannot reveal the real reason to protect there career and family.

  2. Divorce, should not be the first move, a counselling shou0ld have been done. It was a rush move/decisipn instead of trying to save their marrage.
    Its done,, lets pray for them, who knows,..?


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