SM Staff Tells NCT Renjun To STOP Talking About Winwin, Fans Furious

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NCT fans are furious with SM Entertainment yet again and this time for the way a staff member interrupted NCT Renjun from speaking about his fellow NCT member Winwin.

On July 20, NCT DREAM held a V Live broadcast with three members Renjun, Jaemin, and Chenle. The three had fun making ice cream rolls together. However, the staff ruined the atmosphere for their rude way of stopping members from speaking about Winwin.

Winwin subject naturally came up and just when they were about to talk about him, the staff can be heard in the background saying, ‘don’t talk about Winwin.”

Renjun tried to remain professional and lighten up the mood and laugh it off but fans could sense that the staff member made things uncomfortable for everyone.

What angered fans, even more, was the fact that SM deleted that clip. The entire V Live was removed and re-uploaded without this interaction. However, since this is the internet nothing really goes away. Fans re-uploaded the clip everywhere and expressed their anger and disappointment with the staff of SM.

What makes even weirder is the fact that Winwin is still a part of NCT. SM had previously confirmed in a press release that NCT has officially 21 members so far. It is known among fans that NCT Chinese members share a special bond together despite the fact that they had rarely promoted in the same group at the same time.

Many NCT fans believe that SM is mistreating the Chinese members and this adds to the many incidents that solidify this sentiment in NCT fans hearts.

Here is the video of the incident:

What do you think of this?

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  1. I’m not surprise for that … look what happen to EXO OT12 … the same treatment with their Chinese Idols…
    They never learn… Lay is on solo…
    In JYP Jackson promotes solo in China & America but he is there in their come back …

    i love EXO OT12 and I wish for theme to reunite

  2. I hate SM for how they treat their foreign members, in particularly Chinese members. Seriously, they “ruined” EXO and people who say it isn’t because of SM but because of the members themselves are just ignorant. SM wanted themselves to do this revolutionary idea of creating NCT which I found super cool, but I am not even suprised at this point. They are trash. But what we can do? They have such talented idols…

  3. i swear,if sm doesn’t stop being a shitty company,i will spam them 10x a day,i don’t care if they will report or ban my account,i’ll just make another one. sm should stop being so ignorant and blind. Nctzens already unsubscribed to sm to show that they will not tolerate this kind of behaviour and yet they aren’t even doing anything. what that manager is disrespecting the idol that they were literally assigned to watch over,they are basically breaking the rules of the contract here. when will sm finally treat their foreigner idols right? until they lose everything they have? because at this point,the percentage of that happening is quite high.

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