News Of Suzy Featuring In PSY’s Upcoming Release Met With Negative Reaction

Its been recently revealed that PSY plans on making a comeback some time in July.

During the first of his summer swag 2019 concerts on July 13, he gave fans a sneak peek of his upcoming title track and it featured none other than THE Bae Suzy.

There is a tradition in PSY’s music videos for his title tracks and the tradition has been going on for years. He previously featured HyunA in the famous “Gangnam Style,” and most recently Naeun of Apink in “New Face.” This time around, Suzy will feature as the key muse for the music video of “Celeb.”

Suzy appeared in the sneak peek of the music video dancing along PSY wearing many cute colorful outfits in settings showing off her celeb status. This will mark PSY’s first comeback in more than two years since his last release when he was still under YG Entertainment.

However, PSY along with YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk are currently embroiled in controversy over prostitution mediation allegations. PSY introduced Yang Hyun Suk to foreign investors, Yang Hyun Suk allegedly arranged prostitution services for those investors using the help of Madam Jung.

Suzy has a clean history and has almost never been involved in any serious scandals or associated with the wrong people. Fans are not happy with the collaboration because it associates her with PSY who’s currently heavily criticized by the Korean public for his involvement in the controversy.

K-netizens comments on articles covering this story have been largely negative. Fans are not happy to see onscreen with PSY. However, her fans defended her and argued that she must’ve agreed to the collaboration before this entire scandal news broke out to the public.

Many theorize that Suzy would’ve never agreed to participate in PSY’s music video if she had known of the scandal that rocked the Korean entertainment industry.

What do you think of this?

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