HyunA seems to have had it with netizens comments.

On July 5 mornings, HyunA left for Taiwan through Incheon International Airport where she was captured by the press, she shared many photos of that to her Instagram account. Netizens saw the photos and noticed how full her lips looked; they speculated she had gotten lip fillers. It became a hot topic on Korean search sites so much so that her name began trending.

She took a screenshot of the trending tab with her name on it and captioned,

“I didn’t do eye makeup and I drew big lips outside my lip line.

Makeup can be either dark or light and I like the fact that it can be different each time.

I like having lots of chances to change my appearance according to my schedule. I don’t like malicious comments online.”

Check out the photos below, do you think she got lip fillers?


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기자님 커피 사드리고 싶어요 감사합니다 🌼🌼🌼💕

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감사합니다 🌼🌼🌼💕

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감사합니다 💕

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My Personal Thoughts

I like HyunA, and I started liking her even more after the whole drama with Cube. I like how she stood up and defended her love.

I don’t see why she’s not happy with such comments to be honest. I have seen old photos of her and she obviously got stuff done. What’s wrong with admitting to that? I mean she went through hell for her love and got shit tone of hate comments but now that netizens suspected she got lip fillers she says she hates malicious comments?

I was like ‘sis, where were you when they wrote wayyy worse comments as the Cube drama unfolded?’

If she doesn’t want to admit to it then be it, but why lie? I don’t get it!

You can obviously tell her lips look different just look back at some of her old photos a couple of months ago and you’ll notice the difference. Besides, saying you think an idol has done surgery isn’t really malicious, it’s an observation.

Spreading false harmful rumors or cursing the shit out of an idol is punishable by Korean law. I don’t see how pointing out what you see is bad or ‘malicious.’

I like you HyunA, I just dont understand the need for you to deny that and give an explanation any woman can refute…


  1. She probably snapped because she’s tired of people talking about her and Wether she got fillers is nobodies business but her own, and maybe she didn’t get them why don’t you respect her privacy and believe her because if she did lie it’s because she doesn’t want you to know because it’s not your business! So don’t worry about it it’s nothing worth trending online


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