One ‘fan’ rude comment to MONSTA X jooheon has fans up in arms and for a very good reason.

On July 22, MONSTA X Jooheon held a V Live broadcast to interact with fans. During the one hour long broadcast he interacted with fans, answered questions and talked about lots of things.

One of the things idols usually do during such live broadcasts is reading comments as they’re being posted by fans. One particular comment broke MONSTA X Jooheon and fans could see it.

While reading comments, one ‘fan’ commented,

“Instead of exercising, practice your dancing more.”

Jooheon read that comment out loud and his first reaction was pure shock, he was taken aback by the rude comment, and seemed genuinely upset, his response earned him even more respect, he replied with,

“I work so hard to practice…. I am being scolded…. I will do my best to practice dancing… I will grow further by working hard.”

After replying to that question, he bowed to the camera several times.

While fans loved how professional he was answering the question, they were pretty upset by that one ‘fan’ rude comment that clearly upset Jooheon. Fans noticed that he was trying not to tear up which added to their fury.

You can check out the clip below or watch the entire broadcast here.

What do you think of this?