Mexican Fan Masturbate During MOMOLAND Fansign, Fans Disgusted And Furious


A very alarming disgusting thing happened during MOMOLAND fan sign event in Mexico.

Many fans reported that one man was masturbating during the event. Many other male attendees also screamed sexually explicit words at the girls trying to get them to say it in return. Others report that the male attendees were also being rude to the girls asking them all sorts of sexual uncomfortable questions.

Fans also reported that the organizer in the event caught that man; he was reportedly escorted by police. The event organizers also apologized later.

There was also drinking reportedly involved.

After Kpop fans around the world heard of the incident they were furious. A hashtag #RespectMomoland started trending. Fans spoke up for the girls against the awful men who attended the event; many showed their never-ending support for the girls.

What do you think of this?


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