MAMAMOO Hwasa is under fire again by some netizens for not wearing a bra.

On July 7, MAMAMOO Hwasa and the rest of her group returned to Korean from an event in Hong Kong. Fans and reporters were outside waiting for the girls. Hwasa’s outfit choice sparked huge interest.

Hwasa wore a short-sleeved white T-shirt and people noticed that she didn’t wear a bra which is considered rather taboo in Korean society. Female idols who wear no bra usually get criticized and shamed publicly.

She is one of the few female celebrities who dare come out without a bra. Sulli also regularly uploads photos to her Instagram wearing no bra. She had previously explained that she thinks bras are accessories and some outfits just don’t go well with bras.

Some netizens heavily criticized Hwasa’s outfit, some called her ‘cheap,’ ‘embarrassing,’ ‘disrespectful’ to those around her, and some women also commented on how much they hated such things and could never imagine not wearing a bra, others also said she just doesn’t look good regardless of what she wears.

There are some who instead of bashing said that she should’ve worn nipple patches and a black shirt instead.

There are also netizens who encouraged her to do what she likes; they asked those who left awful comments to ‘leave her alone,’ ‘this is not a crime,’ and others.

The international community took her side and defended her from bad comments; they asked netizens who were uncomfortable to mind their own business.

watch a video of her return below:

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