Former f(x) member Sulli is a constant subject of criticism for basically anything and everything she does.

Whenever Sulli posts a photo to her Instagram it makes headlines in South Korean media. She’s usually portrayed as a controversial idol, and the k-media titles to her articles aren’t helping either.

Hwasa is another feisty idol who often does similar things (not intentionally) that Sulli also does. Sulli is an advocate for no bras and Hwasa was recently seen not wearing one to celebrate No Bra Day and encourage breast cancer awareness. 

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Headlines for Hwasa’s airport appearance in no bra were written better than those of Sulli.

Sulli recently posted a couple of photos in a bathing suit and the titles were phrased differently.

K-netizens have started to notice just how differently the two idols are treated for doing the same things. While Hwasa gets praised, Sulli usually gets heavily criticized for doing the same thing.

Many K-netizens started criticizing news outlets that portrayed Sulli in a negative light or as a controversial idol, one netizen wrote,

“If Sulli wears a swimsuit or no bra people feel uncomfortable, but if Hwasa doesn’t wear a bra she’s a girl crush? whats wrong with you people?”

International fans have also been pointing out that Sulli gets treated differently and is often criticized for minimal things.

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