Fans have been noticing something rather upsetting and infuriating; Ailee has not promoted her highly anticipated comeback this time on music shows.

Ailee has finally made her comeback recently; she revealed that she worked extremely hard on her album; her last comeback was two years and eight months ago. During her showcase, she talked about participating in all areas of her album including the songwriting, choreographing and recording.

She also recently left her agency and is now operating as a one-man agency.

Fans have noticed that she rarely made TV shows appearance and hasn’t been promoting on music shows at all, which is integral for a dance-pop track like the one she came back with.

She hasn’t yet promoted the song “Room Shaker” at any official music show broadcast despite having always performed her title comeback tracks previously on music shows before this comeback. This raises questions and suspicions.

One industry insider says that not all comebacks require music show broadcast activities, however, in the case of such comeback, it’s important to appear on music shows to showcase the performance since its difficult to convey only through social media platforms.

Many started arguing that there are many singers who don’t appear on any broadcast or TV shows, however, Ailee showed her willingness by already appearing on KBS2’s “Hello Counselor,” SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment,” SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show,” and more to promote her recent comeback.

A broadcast representative told news outlets that there were plans for Ailee to appear on music shows ahead of her comeback but they were ultimately canceled.

When news outlet fn star tried contacting anyone in charge of the cancellation of her appearances they refused to give a clear statement and shifted the blame towards Ailee’s side asking the news outlet to confirm with them instead.

Fans have been trending the hashtag #JusticeForAilee on twitter trying to bring news outlets attention towards Ailee’s absence from music shows.

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