How Will Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Split More 100 Billion Won Worth Of Assets?


One of the biggest hallyu star couple is going their separate ways, Song Joong Ki filed for divorce from Song Hye Kyo on June 26.

The hallyu stars are rich and many were wondering how will their assets be split now that they’re getting a divorce.

According to news outlets, their assets reportedly amount to 100 billion won (approximately $86.5 million), a shocking number, and many are interested to learn about the splitting of assets process.

According to Channel A, the couple had filed for divorce mediation, not a divorce agreement which means there were certain points they didn’t agree on, but as previously stated they will not be going to court. The two actors have no childcare fees to take care of which also lessens the burden.

Korean newspaper Maeil Business Newspaper reported on the status of their individual assets.

In Song Hye Kyo case, she is obviously the richer partner; she’s been working for a very long time and had naturally accumulated more wealth. She has 3 properties in the neighborhood of Samseong in Seoul. She had purchased one home in 2004 for 5 billion won (approx. $4.3 million) which is worth more than $8.6 million now, she also purchased a luxury villa for $2.6 million. She also purchased a house that once belonged to a chaebol chairman for $7.9 million in 2017. These three properties alone are valued at $17.8 million.

She also purchased herself a condo in New York whilst preparing for her U.S film back in 2008. The condo was worth $1.7 million at the time of purchase. The price has naturally gone up since then.

Many Korean celebrities invest in properties to help maximize their profits and help increase their assets.

In the case of Song Joong Ki, it’s been reported his value skyrocketed just before his marriage and he was able to generate approx. $34.6 million from filming advertisements alone.

He also made profit investing in real estate. He purchased a villa in Seorae Village, Seocho District, for $2.2 million and also bought a mansion in Itaewon for $8.6 million. The Itaewon house was supposed to be their honeymoon house but many reports stated the two haven’t even lived in it.

The two actors will settle their divorce through the mediation process as previously reported by their agencies.

Since the marriage period was short and the assets they both accumulated since then is expected to only amount to a small portion, Maeil Business Newspaper predicts the couple will be able to agree on the division of property without major conflict.

The mediation is expected to be scheduled by late July at the earliest.

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