Why THIS Big Hit Announcement Will Shake The Entire Dynamics Of The Kpop Industry As We Know It


Big Hit Entertainment has announced huge news today, news that’ll shake the entire dynamics of the Kpop industry as we know it.

Today, I’d like to talk about the sudden interesting announcement made by Big Hit Entertainment and discuss why and how it’ll change the entire Kpop industry.

The Kpop industry has been dominated by what many refer to as the big 3, which are the three giants SM, YG, and JYP. They’re considered the biggest entertainment companies in South Korea and house some of the best most talented idols. They contributed to the formation of hallyu wave as we know it today.

For a long time, the industry was dominated by the big 3 presence. In recent years, that started to change. Indie artists, Kpop groups and soloists from small companies started to make a name for themselves and do well in domestic and international charts.

BTS is a hugely popular story of the victory of an underdog. Currently, they’re the biggest Kpop group in the world and one of the biggest boy groups in general as well.

BTS managed to help Big Hit Entertainment rise to what it became today. They went from near filing for bankruptcy to generating the most profit among all Kpop entertainment companies in South Korea (with one act ALONE).

The industry as we know it is changing. Big Hit Entertainment has also announced the news today that can potentially change the face of the industry as we know it.

On July 29, it was announced that Big Hit Entertainment acquired Source Music, an agency that is best known for forming popular girl group GFRIEND. This means that GFRIEND is now a part of Big Hit. In business, this is a clever move that shall help Big Hit rise even more in the near future.

Source Music also has many talented female idol trainees which will add to Big Hit growing empire as they plan on expanding and producing more Kpop acts and groups in the future.

Big Hit told news outlets that the current executives of Source Music will remain in the agency, which is great news because it means that GFRIEND won’t lose its distinct theme.

Bang Shi Hyuk expressed his excitement in a press release; he talked about how optimistic he was of this acquisition. “I expect that this acquisition will be successful,” he told news outlets.

Source Music founder also expressed his excitement. In case you didn’t know, the two founders go way back. They also worked on a girl group called GLAM which debuted to a promising start before disbanding due to one member huge controversy.

This acquisition will strengthen Big Hit, now it houses a huge boy and girl group.

Source Music Kpop idols are expected to grow through Big Hit know-how, platforms, and strategies. It’ll give them the push they need to expand.

But that is not enough to justify the title of this article. The other exciting news is that Big Hit is also in talks to acquire another agency besides Source Music. News outlets are claiming that the particular agency Big Hit is looking to acquire is home to many famous idol groups.

News outlet Newsen reported on that but did not give particular details about the possible deal, however, it is expected to be acquired in 2020.

Big Hit also plans on moving to a bigger building, Source Music will be moving to that building as well in 2020.

Big Hit is trying to establish itself as a huge conglomerate that houses not only one big act but multiple big acts that found success in Korea, Asia, and the world. GFRIEND is one of the biggest currently promoting girl groups in South Korea.

If Big Hit acquires another agency that also has many popular kpop idols, it’ll only strengthen its status in this industry; Big Hit has the potential to dominate the market as they acquire more successful acts through their agencies.

This means that we’ll probably be referring to the big 4 soon or big 3 (minus YG) if YG fails to recover the devastating blow it took due to its founder and artists recent controversies.

Not too long ago, Big Hit also announced its plans to debut a girl group and recruited a former SM director for that mission. The girl group is expected to debut under a subsidiary but it’s considered to be a part of Big Hit.

In business, it’s very risky to rely on one source of income solely. With Big Hit’s current state, acquiring is the fastest way to grow.

When done right, acquiring the right Kpop groups will only strengthen them. The majority of Big Hit’s income comes from BTS. The boys are nearing enlistment and will more likely begin solo activities as members start to enlist.

Jin was in born in 1992 and is expected to enlist in 2020 or 2021 according to current military laws. Big Hit has been heavily promoting BTS as one entity and with each member enlisting that will become difficult. This also likely means the biggest source of income will decrease. BTS carry a huge value as a group but it is unknown how big of a value each member carries since Big Hit never took that route.

Finding and acquiring agencies that have already worked hard on making a name for themselves is a great business decision. You save money (in the long run), time and effort because others have already done the heavy lifting.

Being under the same umbrella and attached to the name BTS is enough to give upcoming girl and boy groups that push they need.

What do you guys personally think of this move?


  1. I hope it’s CUBE. I KNOW YOU ARE AWARE OF (G)I-DLE Issue before…
    SOYEON started writing for the group because their Debut kept getting delayed.
    So she took it upon herself to write a song so they can debut faster.
    THAT’S How LATATA was BORN!!
    “At first, i really didn’t know i’d be writing these songs.
    But our debut was getting delayed because we didnt have a song.
    So that’s when i thought, i should write our songs, and started writing a title track”

    I hope it is CUBE, these talented girls deserves a better Home


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