Hallyu actor Kim Soo Hyun has quite the heartbreaking complicated family background.

Many fans are already aware of this, but there are some who were shocked to find out more about his family background.

Kim Soo Hyun was raised by his mother, he was an only child. His father Kim Chung Hoon; was a lead singer of an 80’s band called Seven Dolphins. He left his son and wife when Kim Soo Hyun was still very young and was absent from his life.

Back in 2015 both fans and Kim Soo Hyun were shocked to learn that Kim Soo Hyun actually had a half-sister named Kim Joo Na who debuted as a singer later in 2016. Through his agency, he stated that he was shocked to learn of his half-sister but still wishes her the best.

This is why many netizens don’t have a good impression of Kim Soo Hyun’s father. When Kim Chung Hoon recently stated that he wanted to reconnect with his son, many netizens were furious with his comments.

Kim Chung Hoon had recently made a comeback with a new album and appeared on a radio show to discuss his relationship with his son. He said that he wanted to see him when he gets discharged but his son told him not to come as it will be too crowded, he added,

“I haven’t seen him yet but I plan to meet him and have a meal with him.”

It appears the two still don’t have a good relationship together. Netizens wrote comments such as, ‘wow so shameless,’ ‘he wasn’t in his life, now he wants to come back,’ and more.

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