Cube Entertainment Claims Nothing Occurred To Give Ground To Contract Termination Between Them And Lai Kuanlin

It was previously reported that Lai Kuanlin has filed for a request to terminate his contract with his label Cube Entertainment.

Initially, Cube Entertainment told news outlets that they did indeed receive that request and will make an official statement soon. They have finally returned with an official statement.

In their official statement, they explain that they indeed received the request from a legal representative whom they described ‘claiming to represent Lai Kuanlin.’ They stated that nothing occurred between them that would explain the termination request so they’re ‘currently in the process of verifying the authenticity of the content of certification.’

Cube also added that they have been carrying out their duties towards Lai Kuanlin as any agency would and closed their statement with,

“However, if there are any groundless complaints against us, we will actively respond to them through legal procedures.”

This could signal the beginning of another legal battle between a Produce 101 participant and their agency. Kang Daniel and Samuel Kim are also in dispute with their agencies as well.

Stay tuned for updates from both sides!

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